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Meet Lexi


Lexi is a salon owner of over 11 years, lover of all things beauty, an industry educator, business coach and strategies expert; and a licensed cosmetologist who works behind the chair, just like you!  

Lexi has had a background in business  her entire life and says "she grew up coloring at the end of the board room table" as an only child who traveled with her parents; both successful entrepreneurs. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelors Degree of Arts, in History.  

Lexi has been involved in various business ventures, from running children’s art camps, to operating a vineyard and wine company, to owning her salon and creating her coaching and educational programs just for beauty professionals.

One thing strings all of it together, Lexi loves figuring it out. Finding the solution, and making hard stuff easy.  She is most passionate about sharing her secrets to achieving success, and helping other women meet their goals in the beauty industry. Lexi likes to share her mistakes so that you can avoid them.  She is obsessed with helping you achieve your dream business and life.  

Lexi is married to a wonderful man named Josh and they live in Southern California.  


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